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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Islands Trust Looks Forward to AddressBC (by Mark van Bakel)

The Islands Trust is a federation of local governments with a provincial mandate to preserve and protect the environment and unique amenities of the Trust Area. The Trust Area is comprised of the islands and waters between the BC Mainland and southern Vancouver Island, including Howe Sound and as far north as Comox. The Area contains 13 major islands and more than 450 smaller islands, and has a total population of 25,000. 

The large extent of the Trust Area overlaps with 7 Regional Districts, each of which is responsible for maintaining addressing. Rather than attempting to coordinate a Regional District compilation dataset, with all the challenges associated with maintaining currency and common standards, the Trust currently utilizes BC Assessment and Land Title mailing address records.   

Although functional, this approach is less than perfect, and often results in a high percentage of return to senders when utilized in notifications and mail-outs. It is for this reason that we very much look forward to implementing an improved address and land parcel relationship as proposed by AddressBC. 

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