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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Easy as ABC!

Dedicated staff at the District of Taylor have now completed their update of AddressBC. 

An early AddressBC tutorial with two staff members had to be rescheduled because, in a town the size of Taylor, people get used to wearing many hats, and one attendee was called away to her role as a First-Responder.  After managing to avoid any further emergencies, the tutorial was rescheduled and Taylor got down to the business of learning the AddressBC online editing tools via a webinar and then through a hands-on ‘refresher’. 

One staff member, who works part-time at the District offices and part-time at the medical offices in town, found the tools easy to use, making the address entries go very smoothly.  Once all addresses were entered and posted, staff checked in with ICIS to see that the addresses were posted correctly.  Everything checked out perfectly and they exclaimed “That’s it?  That was so easy!!”

Now that Taylor has entered their address information, they will be maintaining and updating their addresses using the same AddressBC online tools so that their staff, ICIS member jurisdictions and service providers can have ready access to current address information for their area.