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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ABC Test Data to Best Data

While our fabulous folks on the AddressBC Working Group are working with our new AddressBC PRODUCTION system, the Project team here at ICIS will be starting the next phase of the roll-out which includes opening up access to those jurisdictions that have test data in AddressBC.

During development, ICIS announced that there were approximately 800,000 address points for use as test data for AddressBC development. This test data has remained in the system as a collection of address-point data-sets that were converted from parcel attribution submitted to ICIS through regular parcel data submissions from various Local Government members. As this conversion work was undertaken by ICIS in late 2009 to early 2010 it will require review by the custodial jurisdictions to validate and update this data prior to the full release of PRODUCTION.

As this test data has already been converted to the AddressBC data model, some jurisdictions may find that this provides them with a good ‘head-start’ to their own efforts to develop a point-based addressing system. For others there may be interest in updating and validating the test data-sets so that they can immediately start participating in AddressBC with little effort.

The AddressBC project team will be contacting each jurisdiction with AddressBC test data to ensure that the best option is well supported so that AddressBC can go into full PRODUCTION with validated, accurate and authoritative address data.

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