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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AddressBC Gets the Green Light for Roads

AddressBC has just secured regular updates of the Digital Road Atlas (DRA) for BC with a newly signed Data Sharing agreement with GeoBC.

The DRA is used in the AddressBC application as a road data layer but also serves as an important Q/A dataset in AddressBC to help address providers like Local Government and First Nation communities geo-code new address locations. In turn, while creating new addresses, these address providers will be able to spot any areas where the DRA is missing new road information so that these areas can be updated and refreshed for use in AddressBC.

As an ICIS founding member, GeoBC has long been a great supporter of ICIS and was a key contributor to the seed funding for AddressBC. Using DRA in AddressBC will bring mutual benefits by helping ICIS Local Government members and GeoBC maintain current and comprehensive road and address data for BC.

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