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Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting ready for Production

While the ICIS project team works to get the AddressBC application installed and into production, ICIS local government members are joining in to help with the preparations. Not only have our local government members stepped up to the call for volunteers for an AddressBC Working Group circulated in the most recent ICIS Newsletter, but a recent meeting with the CRD Intra Municipal GIS group provided some additional volunteer expertise.

The work ahead for the AddressBC Working Group is to define what AddressBC will mean to local governments with a broad range of address data formats, operational processes and internal and external needs for accurate, timely address information. This collaborative effort will focus on creating a useful ‘ABC Guide’ for all local government members, answering some of the questions around implementing the data model and how the application can work to streamline workflows with real-time communication of address changes.

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