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Friday, December 17, 2010

AddressBC ‘Virtually’ Ready for Flight Check

AddressBC is now installed on ICIS Test Environment, which also happens to be a VM set up for the ‘flight check’ before launch of the application.

So far the project team is quite impressed with the responsiveness of the application in this new environment and expect another improvement once AddressBC is upgraded to the Production Environment in the New Year.

The additional effort of delivering to a Test VM to prepare for a move to the Production server has been well worth it. The net benefit is that the project team has had the opportunity to scrutinize the myriad configurations, settings and security measures before the move to Production.

After all, the fewer surprises we are faced with at launch, the better we will all feel about being air-borne together!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nanaimo RD Hosts ICIS and AddressBC

The AddressBC project team were thrilled by the turn-out and reception at the recent Nanaimo Workshop on Dec 2nd, hosted by the Regional District of Nanaimo. 

Local government members throughout the Nanaimo, Alberni Clayoquot and Cowichan Valley regions attended to talk about ways to improve data sharing initiatives that, for most, began with membership in ICIS. 

The AddressBC team was on hand to introduce the AddressBC application and discuss local solutions for managing address data that will make a province-wide address registry a reality.

Workshop discussion provided some interesting insights into the vast differences in addressing systems, solutions and needs where participants had a rare opportunity to share their challenges and successes in managing address data. Most of the challenges centered on addressing multiple units and mobile home parks as well as the genuine lack of available tools to easily maintain point address data within already strained resources and budgets.

As AddressBC has been developed by our members to provide a simple user-interface for updating and managing addresses online as well as a robust data model to provide solutions to even the most complex addresses, the project team looks forward to making sure these local governments get the best use from their investment in AddressBC. 

The Nanaimo Workshop highlighted, once again, the ICIS collaborative advantage where new or renewed contact with folks from neighbouring jurisdictions and a member-driven focus results in an enviable lead in data sharing and cooperation.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting ready for Production

While the ICIS project team works to get the AddressBC application installed and into production, ICIS local government members are joining in to help with the preparations. Not only have our local government members stepped up to the call for volunteers for an AddressBC Working Group circulated in the most recent ICIS Newsletter, but a recent meeting with the CRD Intra Municipal GIS group provided some additional volunteer expertise.

The work ahead for the AddressBC Working Group is to define what AddressBC will mean to local governments with a broad range of address data formats, operational processes and internal and external needs for accurate, timely address information. This collaborative effort will focus on creating a useful ‘ABC Guide’ for all local government members, answering some of the questions around implementing the data model and how the application can work to streamline workflows with real-time communication of address changes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Welcome to the new ICIS AddressBC blog. AddressBC is an ICIS member driven initiative to create and maintain an authoritative geospatial point-based address registry for British Columbia. An ambitious goal, to be sure, but one that can be achieved with the collaboration of our ICIS members who bring a formidable array of technical expertise and resources to the table. 

That said the operational side of AddressBC consists of the project team who are responsible for coordinating this effort. The team includes Ann Archibald as Program Coordinator and Mike Wardell, our System Engineer. While Mike ensures the smooth operation of the supporting infrastructure and provides system administration, Ann works to ensure that the AddressBC initiative is consistently meeting the needs of our ICIS members.

The AddressBC team is preparing for ‘system launch’ with the application build and testing phases now complete. We hope to share the ongoing successes and challenges through this blog and invite you, our ICIS members, to use this blog as a forum for questions, concerns, ideas and the collaborative sharing that places ICIS and its members at the leading edge of the open data phenomenon. The ICIS team looks to you, our members, to help us shape AddressBC into the premier source for authoritative, accurate and accessible address data.